Pixel View – Professional Solar PV String Management

Pixel View 太陽能PV串列監控系統
  • Effortless installation method for existing PV construction, operation and future expansion to lower down O&M cost.
  • Instant data tracking for overviewing detailed information; power generation per string, sunlight intensity, module temperature, ambient humidity and wind speed monitoring data
  • Comprehensive visualization of solar PV plant floor plan to remotely pinpoint and troubleshoot abnormal string by delivering automatic failure alert
  • Unlimited inverter brands’ compatibility towards our DC string meter, AC meter, smart IoT gateway, and cloud management platform
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SolarEdge – A World’s Leading Inverter & Power Optimizer Brand

SolarEdge串列監控逆變器及優化 器
  • More Energy: Increased energy yield & faster return on investment through module-level MPPT
  • Constraint-Free Design: Maximum space utilization with minimum design time
  • Lower O&M cost: Full visibility of system performance & remote troubleshooting
  • Enhanced Safety Solution: Safety during installation, maintenance, firefighting, & other emergencies
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Professional Solar Power Plant Maintenance
Maximize your solar PV power plant up to 20 years operation

BillionWatts/SolarEdge System serves as a professional strategic tool to ensure PR value through overall equipment inspection efficiency

Customizable solar monitoring solution with versatile software to meet the most suitable solar PV plant implementation with affordable price

Offering full service based in local region including regular abnormal analysis, inspection & maintenance, report diagnosis, effective recovery of electric generation capacity

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Working with us to achieve best performance

Are you looking for investors to occupy free open space to build solar power PV plants and enjoy maximum cash rebate from rent-a-roof program?
Want to have a professional engineering team to optimally construct your free open space and earn guaranteed 20 years Feed-in-Tariff?
Do you own a solar PV plant and collaborate with manufacturers to sell the electricity?
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