Brand Story

Tim Chen, the CEO of Billion Watts, says, "We understand that the biggest challenge of nowaday EPC and solar owners is to look for a one-stop service guardian to give complete supervisory over my PV solar sites after they were built - and this is precisely what we do."

Since 2012, Billion Electric has been working on numerous intelligent energy management projects by supplying high-accuracy AC energy monitoring solution for private and solar farms, schools, aquatic farms, apartments, fast food chain stores, utility companies, factories, municipalities, electrical bicycles, and electrical vehicle charging stations across the globe. 

The idea is to connect the excellence of Billion Electric's ICT and core energy management technology in building a business dedicated to slowing down the global warming crisis and reducing CO2 emission. With the advancement of technology and pressing need to solve energy poverty, PV solar has aggressively become the most reliable, long-term investment of alternative energy resource.

Billion Watts Technologies is one of the subsidiaries under the Billion Electric Group. Based on its parent company's communications and power technology expertise. The company offers a broad range of SCADA string and module-level monitoring solutions to manage every data about a solar site. Starting from modules, combiner boxes, inverters to the communication system, we provide the individual string productivity, current, voltage, PR value, AC/DC conversion rate, sunlight irradiation density, ambient & panel temperature, humidity, and all power parameters to help customers improve IRR and the efficiency of O&M. 

"We want to offer our clients an in-depth, systematic, data-driven PV solar productivity monitoring system, suitable for all medium and large scale of solar power stations to maximize the yields with our comprehensive product line and professional maintenance field works," said by Ben Jian, General Manager of Billion Watts Technologies.

Billion Watts Technologies has completed over 300 MWp PV solar projects across the globe. Billion Watts logo is the combination "Billion" and "Watts," with the "W" shape icon materialized by two arrays of solar panels. The color blue highlights the spirit of science and technology, while the orange signifies the sunlight, which echoes the value proposition of green innovation and continuous development.

We are committed to the innovation of unique, high-quality solar PV monitoring system and excellent customer service, with the core beliefs to create value for photovoltaic solar investors, site owners, technical operations managers, and maintenance personnel to complete corporate philosophy and achieve the goal of sustainable development.